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About FPC

Farmers Peanut Company is a company committed to service. We sell fertilizer, seed, chemicals, all with service. Our priority is fulfilling the needs of our local farmers. Here at FPC, we not only sell quality, but we also have fertilizer and liquid application equipment. We can apply your fertilizer and chemicals with precision.
Our Company

Founded in 1977, the team at Farmers Peanut Company aims to make farming a lot more practical for our customers, especially those who depend on the success of their agricultural activities. We aim to transform the way agriculture is being managed and to help put our farmers at ease about their farm’s production levels. We’re committed to helping our clients succeed, so continue browsing our site and get in touch for more information.

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

What we provide is cost-effective solutions to cover large or small production areas in Grady, Decatur, and surrounding counties in Georgia and Florida. Take advantage of the products and services offered by our company and contact us for any questions you may have.

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